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I am delighted to lead the 6000+ strong international SELF-ISOLATION CHOIR singing at home.  We are currently working on a fantastic Summer School programme including Vivaldi’s Gloria and music by John Rutter and Patrick Hawes, before beginning the fantastic Elijah by Mendelssohn in September.  For more information, including how to sign up and take part, please click on the image below:

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My Thursday night choir The Larks has recently gone online, and you can join in with the fun (we sing lighter pieces, including pop songs, folk songs and pieces from musicals) by visiting http://www.thelarks.org or sending an email to admin@thelarks.org to request a membership pack.


I started HOMECHOIR, and in particular the Quarantine Choir (see below) to provide a sanctuary for my choristers who were (like me) in isolation, but unlike me, alone.  In four months it has grown to over 2300 subscribed singers and thousands more joining every day from around the world.  Click on the image below to visit the site!

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The Quarantine Choir has featured in local press such as the Bristol Evening Post:



It has also been featured on Classic FM’s website on a list of self-isolating choirs and orchestras around the world, with one song praised as being “A surefire classic”.


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Wherever this journey takes us, I will be putting music out to help people who are in isolation, or who need the comfort of singing, or even who need a laugh.  I’m not able to fight the virus on the front lines like our amazing medics, nurses, doctors and every health care worker.  I’m not a key worker – I’m just a singer with a computer, so I’ll make music to keep people happy while they’re indoors.  Join me on the Homechoir channel – you are always welcome.

Be well everyone, and I’ll see you soon,

Ben x