Recent praise for Ben’s teaching and performances:

“Brilliant.  Exceeded my expectations!  It has been a ‘joy’.”

“We enjoyed the variety in the presentation and Ben’s knowledge and enthusiasm.  The pitch was perfect for those musicians of experience and those without.”

“This was a masterclass in terms of presentation and content”

‘I greatly enjoyed the expertise of the lecturer who bears his knowledge with the lightest touch and has a great sense of humour”

“Ben is an excellent teacher. Very easy to follow and amiable’

“The course exceeded expectations as not only was the musical content wonderful, but it also demonstrated exceptional teaching talent and mastery of technology!”

“The thing I enjoyed the most was Ben’s enthusiasm and charm in imparting information”

“The course was very well-structured and very humorous. I loved Ben’s passion and enthusiasm for the subject”.

“Thanks to Ben for such an enjoyable experience. After not playing an instrument for over 50 years and starting again last year I feel reborn!”

“The course was a serious consideration of music punctuated by humour and opportunities for audience participation”

“Thank you, Ben, for all your expert guidance and bucketfuls of encouragement; the attendance at your rehearsals says it all really!”